Weekly Thanksgivings

1.     The undoubted highlight of my week was walking past Richard from Great British Bake-Off in Camden during my lunch break yesterday! I don’t think I’ve ever been star-struck before, but I was so surprised and delighted at bumping into him! (Can you tell??!!) He smiled at me, I did a double take, smiled back and only realised who he was after I’d passed him. I turned around and debated going to say hello, but he had already crossed the street by then. But you guys! Richard! He had his signature pencil behind his ear! And he smiled at me! I promptly rang up my sister and rhapsodised excitedly down the telephone. Smooth, Louise, very smooth.

2.     Sunny autumn days. I know this is nothing groundbreaking, but after days of a damp chill in the air, they are such a welcome change.

3.     Dragging winter garments out from the depths of my wardrobe. I am relishing the reunion with long-lost but much-loved jumpers, tartan scarves and my favourite pair of ankle boots (which also bestow upon me an appreciated extra inch of height!)

4.     The imminent 3-day weekend in my diary! I spontaneously booked Monday off work and am spending a night in Bristol with my family. Exciting, especially as I haven’t visited my old city since graduation last year. I’m planning to visit my old haunts and grab coffee at my favourite café. A Bristol travel guide will also be gracing this blog shortly!

5.     New soft, grey, British wool, purchased from a charity shop. I need to get stitching now! I’m a useless knitter, but am determined to be better this season.

6.     Voracious reading: the tube really is the perfect place to get lost in a book. Just finished People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks which I ended up really enjoying. What should I read next?

7.     Scrapbooking. Surely I can’t be the only one who keeps every last ticket stub, love letter, postcard and photograph? I have box upon box of paper mementos and recently decided it was high time I did something creative with them. I went to Paperchase, spent a not insignificant amount of money on albums and supplies and got to work sticking and annotating all of my beloved mementos into books. I’m really enjoying the process and it’s a relief to get rid of some of the boxes and order the scrapbooks on my shelves instead.

8.     My hilarious French class. I don’t know how one evening language class has managed to attract so many comedians but P and I sit giggling through the entirety of every lesson because our classmates are just. so. funny. One Brazilian man in particular, who when asked the question ‘Tu est marie?’ (are you married) by the teacher responded with ‘It depends on the day!’

9.     The prospect of reuniting with my sister on Sunday. We’re meeting her in Bristol (halfway between her current city and London) and though it’s been only a month since I saw her, it feels like a year!

10.   Rainstorms of the thundery, roof-beating kind that make you want to curl up in bed with a mug of tea and a novel. Bonus points for when these occur when curling up in bed is a feasible option. I am easily seduced by the romance of a good thunderstorm.

Bonus thanksgiving: your lovely comments on my 3-years-of-blogging post. They made me smile so! 

 What’s making you feel thankful this week? xo