A Sunset Bike Ride (Part I)


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Continuing on the ‘summer nostalgia’ theme today with these photographs from a splendid September sunset cycle (how’s that for alliteration?) The three of us hopped on our bicycles in the fading light and pedalled furiously towards the sea.

Sometimes I think about whether I’d miss the city, were I to up sticks and head for the country – not look back. Usually, I come to the conclusion that I would. Once the novelty had worn off, I’d miss the urban conveniences, the galleries, the museums and the people too.

But then standing atop Britten’s scallop on the shingle, legs tired from turning and wind whirling through my hair, my mind tells me otherwise. Nope, I think. This is all I’d ever need.

*More about Benjamin Britten’s scallop, or – as we know it – the shell.