Been There | Black and White Berlin

Germany boasts a smorgasbord of vibrant (and underrated) cities. But there’s nowhere quite like Berlin. My trip to the German Hauptstadt was a whirlwind of seeing and doing and walking and eating and drinking and friend-ing. We marched all over the city until our legs ached (Berlin is HUGE) and enjoyed the brief moments of morning calm in our tiny Kreuzberg apartment before venturing out for the day. We danced through the night and laughed all day; filled our hearts with joy, our stomachs with good food and Radler, and came back with goofy photobooth snaps and new laughter lines. A weekend and a half well spent, dare I say. And, of course, I still have Berlin on the brain. The visit re-awakened my love for Germany and the Germans, for a life there again. One day, maybe. For now I’m content with the memories and the pictures (to be shared in the coming days, without restraint I’m afraid!) and the fact that life in London has picked up just where it left off, at full speed, and I am happy and busy and filled with festive cheer and the joy of friendship. Cheers to that, and Berlin: it’s the perfect city to be captured in monochrome, moody and grey-skied as it is. Have you been?











1. View from a lovely Persian cafe on Oranienstraße, serendipitously chanced upon just before we were ready to collapse with hunger.
2. The U-Bahn. I love the mini Brandenburg Gate symbols printed on the windows of every train: always have, always will.
3. Priya waiting at Hallesches Tor. Isn’t she gorgeous?
4. Gendarmenmarkt on a cold and bright-skied Saturday evening.
5. And accompanying Christmas market!
6. Nutella-banana toast and books on our first morning in the Kreuzberg apartment.
7. A stellar exhibition I’ve visited twice before; it never loses its meaning.
8. Holocaust memorial.
9. The cathedral as daylight dwindled.
10. Alexanderplatz, and another Christmas market (not complaining!)
11. The most beautiful sight – a flock of birds flitting about the Museumsinsel as night fell.
12. An pair of elderly gents on the Oberbaumbrücke, neatly mimicking the statue in the river behind them.
13. A vintage East German typewriter in my friend Erika’s too-cool-for-school office.