Weekly Thanksgivings


Homemade lentil and tomato soup. (Is it odd to say it’s my favourite food?)

A cinema date with my dad (who I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with.)

Benedict Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game (and in general.) I don’t get to spend nearly enough time with him either!

Disposable cameras and the (often) hilarious images produced by blinding flash and goofy smiles.

Piping hot tea. Coffee, too.

Beautiful images of faraway places. My mama is busy exploring New Zealand, my sister just moved to American big sky country, my dad’s about to head to Dubai – and the next best thing to travelling myself is emails full of photographs of my family’s adventures.

Yoga.  I’ve started practising this series before bed, with coconut candle burning and the lights off. It’s so relaxing and makes me feel much more energetic the next morning.

This year. I have no notes in the diary for 2015 yet, besides one September wedding and a driving test. No travel plans (yet!), few big events or big birthdays. 2015 feels wide open, like l could do anything and move anywhere…and I’m dreaming of where I might travel and all of the adventures I’d like to plan.

Waking early. Perhaps it’s just the New Year’s optimism, but I’ve been rising sooner and being on time to work. Hurrah! And getting to eat my daily walnut-raisin-banana porridge and cup of coffee at my leisure is rather lovely.

Bright blue skies. Remember last January? When it poured and poured and we all wanted to weep in our beds until spring? This year is such a nice contrast. Long may the blue skies and crisp days last! (As I write this, it’s snowing – thankful for that beautiful sight too.)

My sweet and thoughtful boss. After chatting about Thai food one day at work, I returned from lunch yesterday to find homemade curry paste, coconut milk, fish sauce, Thai basil and a lime sitting on my desk. He’d taken it upon himself to source all of the ingredients for a Thai curry so I might venture making one at home. What a cutie!

Blogging plans: I have plenty of schemes for this space this year, and plenty of leftover photos and stories to share still. Here’s hoping I can find the time to see them to fruition.

Tell me, what are you thankful for this weekend? xo