Thought For The Day


My mornings can be hectic. Sometimes I snooze my alarm until the last possible moment, grab a banana to go and speed towards the tube station with wet hair and unzipped boots. It’s not pretty. Occasionally, this frantic sense of being always on the go, always in a rush, leeches into the rest of my life too. Since moving back to London, I’ve noticed a change in the way I cope with being busy and I know am guilty of being caught up in the the constant flood of moving, shaking, hurrying that characterises city folk. I was striding down an escalator in central London the other evening and heard a bewildered tourist exclaim, “People in London are so impatient!” as I stormed by. Guilty as charged. I neglect to linger, to dwell and to really let myself sink into places and situations. To give people my time. Because, after all,  your time is really the best gift you can give a person, isn’t it?

One of my resolutions this year is to savour life more: especially the humdrum everyday of life that composes as much of our time here as do the special, big-ticket moments we set so much stead on. Watching Boyhood last year reminded me of this too – of the slow-drip accumulation of moments. You know when Patricia Arquette sits at her table with her head in her hands, watching her boy head off to college? I just thought there would be more, she sighs. I thought there would be more. Perhaps it’s the drumbeat of my mid-twenties on the horizon, perhaps it’s simply growing up, but more and more I’m struck by that very sentiment – how short life is, how little time we really have. My life is abundant in lovely people and the landscapes of a city others yearn to experience, even my commute is a nice journey that offers me a snatch of time to get lost in my book. So why am I sometimes fraught, sometimes stressed? Why am I not enveloped in joy? Life is not all posies and peonies, I know that, but I know I am also blessed beyond belief. And when I wrap myself up in being busy, in rushing from one place to another, I forget that. Hence the resolution.

So far, it’s working, though there are a few kinks to be ironed out. I haven’t yet been late to work and I’ve been eating my porridge sitting down, letting the coffee brew, sometimes even lighting a candle in the mornings. Savouring the everyday, the good, the bad, the mundane and the glorious. Then I read this article and it encapsulated everything I was thinking and everything I aspire to be. So that’s my thought for the day: don’t postpone your joy. Live it now. You never know when your time will be up. We can do exactly the same thing that we’re doing during a day, but doing it with a different feeling and a different attitude towards it. And it will make the day different, totally.

Do you agree? (Have you seen Boyhood?) xo