Weekly Thanksgivings


  •  Long walks through the gloom.
  •  Satisfying, meandering conversations.
  •  My attempts at optimism! Looking on the bright side is fun.
  • The Royal Festival Hall – I like its urban brutalism.
  • The Thames and its quiet ripples.
  • The City on a Sunday, quiet and wintry
  • The skeletal beauty of St. Dunstan in the East, bombed during the blitz in 1941 and left to ruin.
  • Laughter. Life is good when it’s full of giggles, isn’t it?
  • Nice folks. Some people are just good, through and through, in their bones, you know?
  • This song.
  • Spaetzle and spritzer with two of my oldest, dearest friends last night.
  • Acting flaneur and foregoing the tube, which feels like a treat.
  • Hibiscus tea cradled in my hands while waiting for the bus. Glee-inducing.
  • The thought that March is not yet far away…and with it, blooms and blossoms and bright blue skies (I hope).
  • My family and friends who have been so wonderful helping me through some big decisions this week. So grateful for them.