Been There | North Norfolk

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Things to remember… The alternate leaved saxifrage, blooming viciously along the roadside. Such a vivid, upbeat green, unseen in winter, surpassed only by the visceral joy of newborn blossom tangled in the thicket, flourishing doggedly in spite of the still-cool air. We wound our way daily along rural roads, familiar after years of visiting, the raspy voice of Springsteen an accompaniment to the lost county’s hairpin bends. A chipped vase of droopy camellias adorned the table at our favourite pub in Wells where we shovelled mushy peas into our hungry mouths so quickly that hiccups caught us. Giggles ensued. We walked back to the car with light hearts and green teeth, scraping the mud from our wellingtons on the kerb as we went, the April sun teasing out the freckles hibernating behind my cheekbones.

(photos) with a Nikon D5100 and 35mm lens | Norfolk | April 2015