Weekly Thanksgivings

Some weeks are just a straight road to the weekend. The days feel dull and dark as the September clouds. But in the wake of a rough week, like last, look back and there’s often glittering shards of light to be found amongst the waves. Like these:


+ a weekend wedding, tiny and perfect – home-baked wedding favours (caramel brownie, banana bread, a most decadent fudge) and cream roses arranged by father-turned-florist and a sweeping view of the verdant Dedham Vale from the hotel window

+ new pointy black shoes decorated with a delicate ribbon of gold, fit for the wedding and for feeling fancy fine in the office, too

+ the man who makes me laugh senseless upon waking from a frightening dream and lets me borrow his soft and cosy navy dressing gown whenever I please (but for the fact that he looks so dashing in it, I daren’t deprive my eyes the sight…)

Mea culpa for the consummate lack of writing and photographs and poems and epigrams in recent weeks. The man in possession of the navy dressing gown and I have shifted our possessions (navy dressing gown included, you bet!) into a modest new abode just north of the Thames and internet is forthcoming, but not yet attendant. Soon, soon – and with it, musings and snaps from the Italian lakes, the Suffolk coastline, the Seattle skyline and this new corner of London where rowan trees and enviable front stoops abound. ‘Till then, auf wiedersehn!