Wreaths Of London

One of my favourite things about Christmastime in London is the abundance of wreaths; by mid-December almost every other door in the capital is adorned with a halo of evergreens, dressed with red and gold ribbons, stunning confectioneries ranging from the painstakingly handmade to the cookie-cutter supermarket variety. I love them all, regardless, and the way they bestow much-needed greenery and festive cheer beneath December’s ashen skies. Above just a few of my favourites from weekend walks around our neighbourhood, mad dashes to the underground station (far too often made late for work by my duty to photograph each and every beauty) and strolls past the flower market. I’ll surely miss the doorknob orbs of mistletoe, holly, ivy and velvet come January, but for now, I’d simply like to wish you and yours the happiest of festivities – may you be far from the internet, tucking into good grub, surrounded by loved ones, with hope in your heart.

Merry Christmas!