Bright Spots | Week Four

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+ an entire weekend to myself, Friday to Sunday – an introvert’s dream

+ the sneak peeks into windows riding the top of the bus, particularly good in Hampstead and Pimlico

+ London, really feeling like home these days

+ meeting, by chance, a Regensburg friend-of-a-friend and reminiscing together about bike rides and beautiful buildings

+ admiring flower stalls and their explosions of colour, a January antidote (came home with white roses)

+ a Saturday night South London adventure – to me, west Londoner born and bred it feels as foreign as another country!

+ a deep winter clean: the floors are mopped, the bookshelves dusted, the cupboards stocked

+ cycling through lamplit streets at midnight, empty of cars, the streetlights reflected in the scattered black puddles in the gutter

+ a certain someone’s planned visit in not-too-many weeks (!)

+ the end of January, the worst of all wretched months (though it really was not so bad this year) and the fact that February – birthday, month of love and end of winter – is nigh

+ a Saturday morning swim in a new-to-me pool, sunlight spilling across the floor

+ watching a friend sing, rising to dance

+ most of all: sweet sweet friends