Bright Spots | Week Eight


Making my week: the yellow ranunculus our American visitor left behind, blousy, beautiful, a welcomed antidote to this late winter freeze. Saturday night muddling homemade cocktails with my oldest friends – elderflower, raspberries, lashings of gin. My soft grey wool coat, found for pennies in a charity shop last week. Grilled cheese sandwiches with Johanna on a bright afternoon, as we set the world to rights over our teacups. A restful Friday night at the swimming pool. Purchasing a rainbow of loose fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer’s instead of pre-packaged at the supermarket – better for us, better for the planet (more on that – a new habit – to come soon.) And discovering that a Middle Eastern grocery store full of wonders (all shades of olive! five falafels for a pound!) is right on our doorstep. Tasty wholesome suppers with aforementioned groceries – smashed chickpea and olive sandwiches, vegetarian burritos, two-bean chilli. (Perhaps I should rename ‘bright spots’ as ‘bright food spots’…) Talking about our plans for the far-off future over brunch, of a year somewhere else, of where we might go, of our travel adventures near and far.

(Not so bright spots: the biting cold, though these pictures snapped by wonderful photographer-friend-extraordinaire Ashley during her visit with us last week do make the chill look so inviting, don’t you think?)