Bright Spots | The Singapore Edition

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Eastern streets lined by frowning jacaranda trees, the scent of frangipane blossoms on the breeze. The mindless hum of taxis roaring down the freeway juxtaposed by the air-conditioned bliss of the MRT. The buzz of a hawker centre, where delicious scents, the sizzle of industrial woks and chattering voices mingle. Crimson orchids sparkling, as if ablaze, in the sunlight. Children splashing in the outdoor pool, swimmers doing laps. The sweet sleepy cats at the rescue shelter, falling asleep on my knees just like an infant would. The wall of heat that hits as soon as you step outside. The tart tang of lime juice. The smiles and the stares. Falling into bed with tired feet, freckled cheeks and a smile on my face.