Bright Spots | Week Twenty-Seven

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+ the warm weather, blue skies, wearing Saltwaters to work, crunching through crisp dew on my daily walk through the park
+ Saturday afternoon at the Victoria and Albert, a cup of tea cradled as youngsters splashed in the pool
+ work: what an (overdue) revelation to have a job you look forward to getting up for
+ those light evenings and a bike ride along the Thames, to Barnes Bridge and back, in an effort to savour them
+ making supper together (we’re on a roasted vegetable kick)
+ Friday night: a work trip to the pub and then Thai food at the tiniest hole-in-the-wall in Hammersmith with my love
+ starting a crisp new paperback: this one, if you’re interested. It’s gorgeous.
+ hollyhocks and late-blooming roses and the way light is dappled by the trees in full leaf
+ a Sunday with Mama – a swim, the farmer’s market, a lazy afternoon watching Wimbledon
+ small kindnesses – the lifeguard who sneaked me into the fancy pool, a shoulder rub early one morning, and the perfect cup of tea