Grüssgott!* I’m Lulu.

I’m a roving editor, writer, translator and photographer based in Oxfordshire. I’m always hunting for stories, for colour and light. I like to write about moments and memories, books, travel, sustainability, feminism, food, and places. On this blog I’ll share the places I visit, the novels I read, the stories I weave and the poems I love. 


While studying modern languages at university, I spent a year teaching English beside the Danube in the gorgeously preserved medieval city of Regensburg in Bavaria (about an hour from Munich by road). That’s when this blog – a place to share my life abroad – was born. I lived in Regensburg from October 2011 to July 2012, and then headed to the backwoods of Austria to spend a summer teaching children English by the lake. I used this blog as a way to stay in contact with faraway friends and family and to document the ups and downs of travel, life in a foreign country and my love for the city crouched on the spine of the Danube that I called home. I am forever dreaming of my time there, my whitewashed apartment building minutes from the riverbank and the amazing friends I met there, so no matter that I now live beside the Thames, the name is here to stay.


I was born on the fringes of London, have lived in Bristol and Bavaria, and spent the final two months of 2017 on an epic, overland journey across Southeast Asia. I’m a freelance translator, editor and writer and enjoy walking, writing, reading fiction, speaking German, swimming outdoors, secondhand shopping and vegetarian cooking in my spare time. My relationship with this complex city was ever-evolving and I was always glad for this space to document the highs and lows of big city life and the changing seasons of London. As of March 2018, I am based in semi-rural Oxfordshire.


Thanks so much for reading and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like to learn more, hire me, collaborate or just fancy saying hello!

* A traditional Bavarian greeting.